Approval of site, building Plan and Machinery Layout

Approval of Plans as per Rule 3 of Maharashtra Factories Rules, 1963

Detailed procedure for Approval of Plans of Factory (From application submission to approval )

  • 1. Log on to the web site
  • or
  • 2. Click on "Create Employer User Profile”.
  • 3. Fill the information and complete the Registration procedure on MAITRI portal.
  • 4. Fill the CAF (Common Application Form).
  • 5. Select the service provided as Approval of Plan from Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health Department.
  • 6. Read all the instruction carefully and confirm it.
  • 7. Fill the Questionnaire
  • 8. Fill information to complete Form 1, take its printout and upload the duly signed copy of the same on the portal.
  • 9. Upload recent photograph and signature
  • 10. Upload necessary documents- as mentioned below
  • 11. Pay the necessary fees online
  • 12. Upload the Plans (Site, Building layout, machinery layout and cross sectional elevation of building) on the portal as below:-
    • Site Plan drawn to scale 1:500 showing the site of factory and immediate surroundings including adjacent buildings and structure, roads, drains etc.
    • Building Plan, elevation, cross sectional elevation to scale 1:100 including all relevant details like natural lighting, ventilation,means of escape in case of fire etc.
    • Machinery layout to scale 1:100 shall clearly indicate position of machines/equipments, passages.
  • 13. The application and plans will be scrutinized by the officer and if found ok, the Plans will be approved within forty five days.
  • 14. The Plan approval letter can be downloaded from the same login id from the portal.
  • 15. The application will be rejected if any incomplete or wrong information is furnished.
  • 16. The applicant can apply again within 30 days from the date of rejection.

Necessary Documents to be uploaded for Approval of Plans of the Factory

  • 1. List of Raw Material (including solvents/fuels/chemicals used if any) with maximum storage capacity and mode of storage, handling.
  • 2. List of Finished products, Intermediate products including emission of toxic gases and by-products along with maximum quantities, method of handling, loading & transport.
  • 3. Process flow chart
  • 4. Description of Manufacturing Process
  • 5. Details of likely hazards involved and methods to control them.
  • 6. Material Safety Data Sheets in respect of hazardous chemicals
  • 7. Process & Instrumentation Diagram (For chemical Factories).
  • 8. Details of Chemical reactions carried out, if any.
  • 9. Details of fire fighting arrangements.
  • 10. Duly signed copy of Form no. 1.
  • 11. Allotment letter from MIDC/NOC from Local authority.